Attention all readers: Make sure you hop on board our Discord and/or Telegram Space Station(s). After reading through these infographics and hopping aboard a Space Station, you will become a Cryptonaut and will be ready for The Mission TOTHEMOON.

TOTHEMOON Inc. has been accepted into Neo Global Development’s Early Adoption Program, which is designed to support the expanding N3 ecosystem. With a $10million USD allocation in grants, the program will offer resources and opportunities to selected teams and individuals, facilitating growth for these promising projects.


Welcome to TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE- a place of true harmony and infinite potential — where a group of determined Cryptonauts once achieved their “life goals” by landing on the moon, only to realize, it was simply the beginning…

Upon arrival, the Cryptonauts were engulfed with a sense of accomplishment, yet a…

New Moon

1: (noun) The phase of pure alignment and new beginnings; however, appears as darkness to the human eye.

2: (noun) A representation of faith in what is to come, even though it is not yet visible.

July 13th, 2021. It is with great excitement that as a community…

Excitement, anticipation…silence in the vessel.

We land on the surface of the moon at 0300 hours. The time has come. A change has already begun. We can feel it even through the dense air of the ship.

There are 50 of us. We are the Cryptonauts- the carefully curated team…


TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE NFT collectors will engage with our Metaverse and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience. This is a new-age society..

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