A Note on Moon Creatures- the Centre of our Universe

4 min readDec 19, 2021

​​I hope this message finds you well and you are all relishing in the arrival of The New Moon. I am writing to speak on one of the most important matters of this phase.

As revealed in Chapter 1 — The Arrival, the Moon Creatures hold a very special place in the Universe. They are companions to the Cryptonauts and Moon Trainers and have a deep, mystical connection with the Extra-terrestrial Moon Babies. They were first discovered on the Dark Side of The Moon by four brave Cryptonauts.

TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE revolves around these wondrous beings, as they are the only reason the Cryptonauts were initially able to colonize their half of the moon. The Moon Babies allowed the Cryptonauts to reside and expand on their half as long as they follow the Moon Code:

1. Take Care of the Moon Creatures

2. Explore the Moon

3. Research the Moon

4. Help Build the Community

Earning a Moon Creature & Moon Baby’s Respect

The Extraterrestrial Moon Babies granted permission to the Cryptonauts to return to their side of the Moon with Moon Creatures of their choice, on one condition- they earn their respect. Earning a Moon Creature’s respect is done by matching their point totals in all 3 Point Categories (Explore, Research & Community), and having at least one matching personality trait.

Cryptonauts and Moon Trainer’s Point Totals in your wallet work together to earn the respect of both Moon Creatures and Moon Babies.

*Note- since Moon Babies are Extraterrestrial, matching a personality trait is impossible. One must only match their Point Totals in all 3 Categories to earn their respect.

Moon Team Points

Once the respect of a Moon Creature or Moon Baby is earned, their Points total up to become “Moon Team Points”. These Moon Team Points are a major requirement for Building Moon Infrastructures and keeping them active. Active Moon Infrastructures reward your Moon team with Infrastructure Points, which in turn, reward your team with TTM Tokens.

The Generations of A Moon Creature & The Colonization Staking Game Mechanics

There are 8 Moon Phases in Moon Cycle 1.

The first Moon Phase, “New Moon” introduces the first set/generation of Moon Creatures in the Universe (“Genesis” Creatures). In the following 3 Moon Phases, these 1st Generation Moon Creatures evolve into 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generations.

The only way for a collector/Moon Team member to utilize the Point Totals of a 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th Gen Creature, is through holding the previous Generations in their wallet and having Cryptonauts/Moon Trainers with matching traits and equal or greater Point Totals in all 3 Point Categories (Explore, Research & Community).

This means that the 1st Generation Moon Creatures are the most essential to ensure a Moon Team’s success in colonizing their Moon Plots. Without a 1st Generation Moon Creature, the 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th Generations of that same creature character cannot contribute to a Moon Team.

In the 5th phase, Full Moon — a new set of 1st Generation characters will be introduced, with the following 3 Moon Phases bringing forth the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generations of those characters into the Universe.

Therefore, with a 5,000 Mint Supply for 1st Generation Moon Creatures in the first phase, “New Moon” and a 5,000 Mint Supply for 1st Generation Moon Creatures in the 5th phase, “Full Moon”, 1st Generations hold an extremely important role in the Metaverse and the success of our colony.

2D Animated Moon Creature Showcase

All that being said, the time has finally come to introduce you to our “New Moon” — Moon Creature Collection. In order to truly see these creatures as they are, we have created a showcase room to observe these loving, diverse creatures in action. 2D Animation will be a key component of future games.

Character Showcase: https://showcase.tothemoon.net/

* Please allow 30 seconds for all the animations to load.
* Click and hover over a Moon Creature to see its animation.

Stay tuned for the “New Moon” Cryptonauts, Moon Trainers & Moon Babies to be revealed in the showcase.

Wishing you all the best of luck in your moondeavors.

Signing off,

Mission Control

Mint your New Moon Creatures Sunday Dec 19th @ 8 PM UTC

Mint Link: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/collectibles

5000 Mint Supply @ 10 GAS *N3 (.35 GAS fee per character mint)
- NeoLine Wallet is recommended (Desktop compatibility only)

Visit the tothemoon website

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