A Note on Moon Creatures- the Centre of our Universe

Earning a Moon Creature & Moon Baby’s Respect

The Extraterrestrial Moon Babies granted permission to the Cryptonauts to return to their side of the Moon with Moon Creatures of their choice, on one condition- they earn their respect. Earning a Moon Creature’s respect is done by matching their point totals in all 3 Point Categories (Explore, Research & Community), and having at least one matching personality trait.

Moon Team Points

Once the respect of a Moon Creature or Moon Baby is earned, their Points total up to become “Moon Team Points”. These Moon Team Points are a major requirement for Building Moon Infrastructures and keeping them active. Active Moon Infrastructures reward your Moon team with Infrastructure Points, which in turn, reward your team with TTM Tokens.

The Generations of A Moon Creature & The Colonization Staking Game Mechanics

There are 8 Moon Phases in Moon Cycle 1.

2D Animated Moon Creature Showcase



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