3 min readDec 19, 2021

Exploration and research are well underway. Urban planning and community building have become established divisions dedicated to moving our civilization forward.

Through this expansion process, we have discovered fresh vegetation on the moon! At moments like this, I revisit my first entry and laugh…remember when I initially called the moon a “blank slate”…Oh, how I was wrong. There is so much to discover- fresh fruits- exotic ones, berries- special moon plants! But I will say this, I was right on the mark in calling it a place we would someday refer to as home…

After settling in and adjusting to the food, water, and co-inhabitants, we noticed that the moon creatures only eat special moon berries near the lakes, special fish that live in the rivers, and special plants near the caves. We have come to love these picky eaters as we continue to study their habits.

The discovery team found Public Water Wells scattered around the Cryptonaut’s side of the moon, courtesy of The Moon Babies. These wells provide more than enough water for the current Cryptonauts. It makes me wonder, had the Moon Babies always anticipated more moon settlers?

Next, after covering food and water, we started on our first moon base, when suddenly… A METEOR SHOWER…in the distance, at first so far… but then as the meteors slash through the sky, the storm grew…larger and larger…approaching the moon…

With not even one base complete, we had nowhere to go. So we closed our eyes, used our arms as a shield, and hoped for a miracle. As the meteorites drew closer to the moon’s atmosphere, some strange force field appeared out of nowhere to protect us. Just like that, the miracle we hoped for happened…and that miracle was the all powerful moon baby, ORBA with her magical capabilities and the help of the others…

OPAL had used his power of insight and seen the meteorite coming well before it began its course. NEON, being as dynamic, and spirited as he is, utilized his extra-terrestrial powers to turn the meteors into glowing, colourful candy! At once, the candy shower slowed down and came to a complete halt 100 ft from the moon’s surface.

HODL pulled out a bag so big that the Cryptonauts didn’t even know to refer to it as that. She hopped on ORBA’s magical flying throne and together, they gathered all the Candy into the massive bag and brought it back to the moon’s surface. There must have been millions of them. It was a sight to see…

The Cryptonauts expressed their extreme gratitude to the Moon Babies…

“We didn’t do it for you, we did it for the Moon Creatures.” HODL laughs. If she wasn’t such a prankster, we would have taken it seriously.

The Moon Trainers noticed that the Moon Creatures gravitated towards the bag filled with Candy. They couldn’t seem to get enough of it!

It was as though this candy made the Moon Creature’s morality reach an all-time high. The Moon Babies began to distribute the Candy to each of the Moon Creatures as it only seemed right to share. But of course they made sure to keep a massive portion for themselves, because, well…babies love Candy, right?

TOTHEMOON has teamed up with Neo Candy for this exciting Promotion. We want to thank them for helping make the holidays that much more special for TOTHEMOON NFT Holders.

100 Moon Baby NFTs x 10,000 CANDY Each = 1,000,000 CANDY

5000 Moon Creature NFTs (minted) + 22 Moon Creature NFTs (from giveaways) x 2,000 CANDY Each = 10,044,000 CANDY

= 11,000,044 CANDY


To the collectors/hodlers of Cryptonaut and Moon Trainer NFTs…stay tuned, your time is coming!

Mint your New Moon Creatures Sunday Dec 19th @ 8 PM UTC

Mint Link: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/collectibles

5000 Mint Supply @ 10 GAS *N3 (.35 GAS fee per character mint)
- NeoLine Wallet is recommended (Desktop compatibility only)

View the “New Moon” Moon Creatures in our 2D Animated Character Showcase

Link: https://creatures.tothemoon.net/

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