An Alliance on the Moon- TTM Announces Partnership with Mercurial Apps (N3 Trader)

May 30.2022. An alliance on the moon has been made. Oftentimes, us Cryptonauts forget we are not the only ones in this strange, extraordinary universe. Besides the Moon Creatures and Babies, there are other walks of life just as eager to grow as we are. This thought is a light on any dark days we may face.

Trading on the moon is now possible for all Cryptonauts, thanks to our partnership with N3 Trader.

Mercurial Apps (N3 Trader) is a decentralized peer to peer trading platform for NEO N3 NFTs and tokens. It allows users to trade and swap any number of NEP-11 & NEP-17 tokens.

The N3 Trader platform will ultimately act as an escrow to allow players/collectors to trade TOTHEMOON NFTs with other Cryptonauts and protect all involved in the transaction. Mercurial Apps and TOTHEMOON will split the fees collected from the usage of the TOTHEMOON NFT Trader- 0.1 GAS for each party involved.

It is only with others that we are able to move forward, build, and expand. TOTHEMOON Inc. is looking forward to doing so with Mercurial Apps.

Direct Link:

- Trade TTM NFTs Directly with others
- Create a Trade Listing with details of the TTM NFTs you are interested in
- Search through Trade Listings and offer up TTM NFTs for exchange

The main goal is to get this new feature out and available as soon as possible for the community to enjoy. The teams are working on increasing the NFT loading times for larger collection holders. Minor adjustments will be announced in Discord in the near future.

Visit the TOTHEMOON website

Visit The Market on TOTHEMOON

Follow TOTHEMOON Mission Control on Twitter @tothemoon_net

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