CYCLE 1: First Quarter (Part 2) — Not a Melancholy Letter to 3rd Gen Cryptonauts

3 min readSep 20, 2022


Dearest Moon Trainers and 3rd Gen Cryptonauts,

We hate to interrupt your dialogue, but we found your last letter to be a bit doomy and sad. This was especially surprising since it came from a usually mild-mannered Trainer like ZEN. That’s how we know you trainers have been deeply affected by the incident at the construction site. In the same breath, we see that regardless of the pain it caused, you understand guilt is not an emotion you let lead in life. In this way, you have proven great strength in learning and moving forward. It is because of this grace that we have decided to clear a few things up for all trainers and Cryptonauts!

First off, the Moon Tools and Vehicles. That was, of course, a gift from yours truly! We were waiting for the community to recognize their need and the fact that a civilization is only at its strongest when everyone is given the means to succeed. Moon Baby BLOK decided it would be appropriate to send them in pieces to teach you how various parts are designed to fit together in order to function as a whole. He’s got an investigative, imaginative mind. COMI recognized the great bravery of the group when things were a complete disaster because you all banned together to make the most of the cards dealt. Very well done. COMI is drawn to presence and grounding in others, only because these are her main attributes. She gave the final word to send the rest of the tools and vehicles. You can thank her for that later.

Next on the agenda…the signal. So, that was us too. ZENA’s idea actually. We wanted to teach the lesson in a memorable way, so we looked to her expertise. And what better way than “canceling” this gen’s moon creatures?! ZENA is a bit unconventional in her approach but she stands to remind you that reality isn’t always as it pretends to be, so when things may appear bleak, remember to see beyond and decide to believe otherwise. That’s the world through ZENA’s glasses. You managed to employ this perspective when you promised to be the best caretakers for the creatures you currently have. So much greatness can come from what we initially label as a tragedy.

As the king of opportunity, I am going to share one with you all. Sorry, you are probably wondering who I am? FOMO, the one writing, however all the babies are hovering around me (eagerly) putting their two coins in. I’m a baby who is all about taking action when timing is right. Seize today, because you might not get tomorrow! And today, I am giving you all a second chance. I am officially lifting the signal block! Hello, new Moon Creatures!

That being said, if there is any wisdom I can share with you, it is to never make a decision from a place of fear or lack. Take this opportunity to lead your creatures in an empowered way. Move onward, upward and be even braver than you have been!

Wishing you great success and blessings for the First Quarter Moon Phase,

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