First Quarter (Phase 3) NFT Mint — Nov. 1st @ 7pm UTC

4 min readOct 28, 2022


Strength. Determination. Focus. The time to do as we once said we would is now. The First Quarter Phase of the moon- not the promise, not the fulfillment, but the action. This is where the commitment lies. Are we going to see our plans through, or will they remain just that?

A separation of the strong from the weak. This is the phase where we first encounter challenges, and this may make us question how much we actually want what we are after. Are we in it for the right reasons? Even if the answer is yes, it’s time to re-evaluate. We have now made some progress, so it’s time to look back- but only for a moment! Are we operating in a way that is the most effective for our cause? Cutting corners? Playing oblivious to a truth we can’t help but ignore?

Our moon is now bright, big, and only continuing down this path till the full lunar phase. We can’t stop it, nor slow it. It seems we have no choice but to adapt to its pace and know that we can rest later, when time allows us to. Even with regrets, we look to the moon and see how the cycles continue. Each passes and morphs into another, as the moon approaches its destination. It doesn’t stop in its tracks due to overanalysis and fear. It takes a quick pause, then continues. I invite you all to take this pause. Take the moment to read and ponder on this passage, however- don’t take too long because the time to move, execute, and implement is now.


The following are the details for this phase’s Mint Launch:

For this launch we will only be using one mint button for all collections of the phase.

Mint Date/Time: Tuesday, November 1st 2022 @ 7pm UTC

Total First Quarter NFT Mint Supply: 7800

5000 — Moon Creatures
2500 — Cryptonauts
200 — Moon Trainers
100 — Moon Babies

Mint Price: 15 GAS (N3)

Available Wallets: NEON (Desktop), NeoLine (Desktop), O3 (Desktop), OneGate (Mobile)

Mint Link:

First Quarter Characters will appear ~48 hours before Mint.

Look up. Our moon has taken the appearance of a half-illuminated circle. Half-way to full. Half-way to its pinnacle. What dreams are we set to realize by the end of this journey?

Item Airdrop #3

Each First Quarter character NFT collected (and held prior to an upcoming snapshot post mint) qualifies for a very special item airdrop. These items are required to successfully build/maintain Moon Infrastructures.

Moon Creature = 1 Item
Cryptonaut = 1 Item
Moon Trainer = 2 Items
Moon Baby = 3 Items

Item Airdrop #3 will take place in-between Phase 3 and 4.

3 TTM Token Airdrops

Each First Quarter character NFT collected (and held prior to upcoming snapshots post mint/throughout Cycle 1 Roadmap) qualifies for 3 separate TTM Token Airdrops.

Moon Creature = 1,000 TTM Tokens x 3 (3,000 total)
Cryptonaut = 1,000 TTM Tokens x 3 (3,000 total)
Moon Trainer = 5,000 TTM Tokens x 3 (15,000 total)
Moon Baby = 10,000 TTM Tokens x 3 (30,000 total)

Please refer to the Roadmap below for the schedule of TTM Token Airdrops.
TTM Token with a parachute = TTM Token Airdrop Event

In preparation for this monumental event in our journey together, TOTHEMOON will be holding a 10 Day First Quarter Giveaway Event!

This event began on Saturday October 22rd @ 6pm UTC, with a winner being chosen every day (~24 hours later @ ~6pm UTC) for 10 consecutive days!


1. Follow @tothemoon_net on Twitter.

2. Like + Retweet ANY of the Twitter Posts containing the First Quarter Mint Promo video that TOTHEMOON’s Twitter tweets each day.

3. Make your best efforts and leave as many quality comments on the posted tweets as you please. Tag 3 friends and use some quality hashtags (#NFTLaunch #NFTMint #NFTDrop) in every comment to help raise awareness for the Mint on November 1st! Please tag different friends in each comment made per day


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