Fusion Cryptonauts (Fusions)

5 min readJun 12, 2022

The most accurate way to describe it would be a Rubik’s cube. Except, imagine not knowing if the cube had the potential to be solved or not. Just an endless cycle of one slightly varying attempt after another…

It had been months since the first expedition to the northern mountains & hidden arenas and we still did not have an ounce of understanding regarding what the runes were for, how to use them, and what the Moon Babies’ cryptic message meant.

Seven of us Cryptonauts decided to venture back to the northern mountains & hidden arenas to seek some answers to these burning questions. Maybe then the group could get some sleep instead of constantly chasing color alignments.

The journey was just as long as I remembered, but luckily would soon prove worthwhile…

Upon arrival, we got to work. No stone left unturned. We covered every square foot we failed to explore last time, but it wasn’t until a few hours in that I broke off from the group and stumbled upon an unusual portal inside the entrance of the smallest hidden arena. I called the others and together, we spotted a message, engraved in a moon stone. It was some kind of riddle. One of us read out loud…

“What is a rune, what is it for? Silly questions you all ask.

What is alchemy? Now that is a thought worth double its space in the mind. Visualize what you can make of that something, then in turn, what the process will make of you.

Imagine the fusion of magic from your mystery item with your own inherited power… What are we left with? Complete gold:

An extraordinary, one of a kind battle character, sent to duel for experience, rewards and glory of all kinds.

The seven elements- Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal,

the 4 battle positions- Attack, Defense, Agility, and Endurance,

make their own sort of fusions to be at your service in the face of tests and trials, however, only you are in control of how long (or brief) you can handle the fusion as an active battler.

So no longer ask, what can this item do for me? It is irrelevant if the man remains unchanged when all is said and done. Instead, the only question worth asking is, do you have what it takes? If so, continue on.”

Regardless of the enigmatic lyrics and unusual situation we found ourselves in, we all decided to enter the portal to fuse our runes. A few steps in and we heard a voice:

“You cannot bring your physical forms with you into this new dimension. It is only your minds and spirits that will enter the arenas, but in a new form. Choose to unfuse, your battle experience and new form will be lost, but your Cryptonaut selves and Rune will be returned. Enter at your own will and prepare for the first rounds of battle. Best of luck.”

Fusion Cryptonauts (Fusions)

2 Components required to form a Fusion Cryptonaut;

  • Rune NFT
  • Cryptonaut NFT

2 Attributes;

  • Phase (Element)
  • Battle Position

7 Different Phases (Elements);

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Metal

4 Different Battle Positions;

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Agility
  • Endurance

28 Different Possible Fusion Cryptonaut Types exist and can be fused;

The Type of Fusion Cryptonaut you can fuse is determined by the Rune Attributes (Phase and Luck) as well as Cryptonaut Attributes (Total Cryptonaut Points);

Fusion Attributes

1. Fusion Phase = Rune Phase (Element)

2. Battle Position = Total Cryptonaut Points + Luck

4–7 (Total Cryptonaut Points + Luck) = Attack

8–11 (Total Cryptonaut Points + Luck) = Defense

12–15 (Total Cryptonaut Points + Luck) = Agility

16–19 (Total Cryptonaut Points + Luck) = Endurance

Questions and Answers

Where can I buy a Rune NFT and what is the total supply?

Although the initial supply of 500 Rune NFTs has been minted- you are now able to buy and sell Rune NFTs within the TTM Market’s “Rune” section.

Direct Link: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/marketplace/rune

How much does it cost to fuse or un-fuse a Fusion Cryptonaut?

1 GAS + blockchain fees.

When and where can I fuse my Rune and Cryptonaut NFTs?

Fusions are now open!

You may fuse your Rune and Cryptonaut NFTs within the TTM Market’s “Fusion” section.

Direct Link: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/fusion

How will battles work and what are we battling for?

Information on the Battle Formats, Formulas and Rewards will be released in approximately two weeks.

When will battles begin?

The First Tournaments/Arenas open in approximately two weeks.

What do Fusion Cryptonauts do?

Battle to earn Experience, Rank, Rewards and Glory.

What happens to my current Rune NFT and Cryptonaut NFT when I decide to form a Fusion Cryptonaut?

You will have your Cryptonaut locked away with your Rune in a hidden dimension.

Can I un-fuse a Fusion Cryptonaut and what happens?

Yes, you may un-fuse at any time (1 GAS + blockchain fees). If you decide to un-fuse you lose your current Fusion Cryptonaut NFT along with all gained Experience/Rank. Your original Cryptonaut NFT and Rune NFT are returned to your wallet.

Are Fusion Cryptonauts eligible for Token, Item and Moon Device Airdrops?

No, Fusion Cryptonauts are not eligible for any airdrops/rewards that occur outside of the Hidden Arenas.

You may un-fuse prior to an upcoming airdrop to be eligible however your Fusion Cryptonaut NFT along with all gained Experience/Rank will be lost.


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