Game Development Partnership

May 5, 2022. TOTHEMOON INC. is thrilled to announce a partnership and working relationship with Program-Ace Europe Limited, a Custom Game Development Company. This partnership will offer an extension to the current game development team at TTM.

Program-Ace is a European R&D (Research and Development) company that offers custom development services suited for a broad range of business verticals. They develop innovative solutions based on modern technologies, such as AR, VR, or MR, and harness their impressive power to create innovative product configurators, visualization software, training & simulation products, and much more.

Game-Ace Creative Studio is the game development division of Program-Ace, headquartered in Europe. The Game-Ace crew specializes in cross-platform game development for all the popular genres, from casual and RPGs to virtual reality and MMOs.

“Masterfully blending artistic excellence with thrilling gameplay, we effectively convert customers’ requirements and end-player demands into highly-polished games by spicing them up with best development practices and cross-platform capacities.”

We are adding the following positions/services from Program-Ace and Game-Ace to our current TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE game development team:

- tech lead and full-stack web development services

- technical art and Unity development services

- business analysis

- game/level and UI/UX design

- 3D art and animation creation services

- project management services.

Program-Ace and Game-Ace will work alongside our Game Dev. Lead who has been managing the internal game dev. team at TOTHEMOON. The above positions/services will not only expedite our game development timeline, but also enhance the quality of The Colonization Game. The agreement and services cost estimation is $200,000 USD.

In the past few months TOTHEMOON has contracted experienced professional 3D Game Artists to create all Character and Item NFTs in TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE into playable 3D Game Assets. These services have a cost estimation of $100,000 USD.

Our initial roadmap states “The Colonization” is to be released upon completion of all 8 Moon Phases as a 2D gaming experience, however we are excited to announce that we plan to release “The Colonization” Game sooner than the intended milestone. Furthermore, the game will now be a full 3D gaming experience built on Unity. Essentially, we plan to combine our 2D and 3D Game Development into one Open World 3D Game with mini-games, also playable in The Village- all while providing the same time-frame of release. TOTHEMOON Gamers/Investors can expect cross-platform compatibility (desktop and mobile).

We look forward to sharing some alpha and sneak peaks over the coming months as our game development continues.

The TTM team has been contributing to the expansion of the game economy and its tokenomics significantly over the past few months. A detailed overview will be released soon.

TOTHEMOON INC. aims to revolutionize the NFT GameFi space and provide a Metaverse gaming experience that will lead the way in Web3.

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