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5 min readJul 8, 2022


The old saying goes, “Once the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. As time goes on and experience does what it does- proves me wrong, I see the saying would be better to have been “Once the student is ready, the task will appear.”

But maybe the old stuffy adage isn’t completely misleading as… isn’t that what tasks are- Teachers? They facilitate change…help us grow, even (or especially) through failing. It’s from the act of doing that any of this development is possible, which can only exist from a beginning. And that is where we are on this journey- the task has been revealed, a date has been given and a plan is in motion. We received a message from Mission Control:

ATTN: Cryptonauts

The Fusion Battles are set to commence! To fully understand these special events, refer to: https://fusionbattle.tothemoon.net/

Note: Fusion Battle Game Document has been updated with new important information, new links for the different features of The Hidden Arenas and the Fusion Items unlocked at each Level.

The Hidden Arenas Fusion Battle Tournament Schedule:

Arenas will be Open for Registration for 1 Tournament a week. The plan is to have this increase as time goes on.

The Fusion Battle Tournaments have the following alternating schedule week by week:

Week 1 — Thursday at 4PM UTC
Week 2 — Thursday at 6PM UTC
Week 3 — Thursday at 4AM UTC
Week 4 — Thursday at 6AM UTC

Battle Arenas: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/arenas

* ONLY arenas that have been fully registered with fusions will begin at the above times. Those arenas that are not fully registered will begin as soon as they are filled.

* After 4 weeks, the schedule cycle will begin again from Week 1. This is to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to be available and present to collect “START BATTLE” rewards and enjoy the battles with the community in the discord #fusions-chat.

The Hidden Arenas Fusion Battle Tournament Registration Schedule:

Registration for the Fusion Battle Tournament(s) have the following alternating schedule week by week and will open in the following order 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 -with each arena opening for registration ONLY once the previous arena is fully registered:

Week 1 — Thursdays at 430PM UTC * Exception for Tournament #1
Week 2 — Thursdays at 630PM UTC
Week 3 — Thursdays at 430AM UTC
Week 4 — Thursdays at 630AM UTC

Register Here: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/arenas

Note: Arena registration will open shortly after the previous Tournaments have finished.

* After 4 weeks the schedule cycle will begin again from Week 1. This is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to register for the Arenas of their preference each week.

The First Fusion Battles:

* Registration for the first Fusion Battle Tournament (Arena 128) will open on FRIDAY JULY 8th @ 4PM UTC

Register Here: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/arenas

* The first Fusion Battle Tournament will be on

REMINDER: The Hidden Arenas open for registration in the following order; 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 — with each arena opening for registration only once the previous arena is fully registered.

Updated Tournament Registration Fees

Updated Round Rank GAS Rewards

Each round in Arenas 128, 64, 32 and 16; 1st Place will receive 8 GAS, 2nd will receive 3.5 GAS, 3rd and 4th will receive 2 GAS each, 5th — 8th will receive 1 GAS each.

Each round in Arena 8— 1st Place will receive 8 GAS, 2nd will receive 3.5 GAS, 3rd and 4th will receive 2 GAS each.

Updated START BATTLE Subscription System

Upon Tournament Registration and leading up to the Start of a Tournament, fighters will be given the option to SUBSCRIBE to the “START BATTLE” Pool in the Arenas page.

The tournament’s rounds are run through having each battle between fighters initiated by invoking the Battle Contract.

Each time a battle between 2 fighters is initiated, the set amount of “START BATTLE” Rewards will be awarded to a Fighter who subscribed to the “START BATTLE” Pool.

The amount of subscriptions required for each Arena Tournament varies depending on its size. There will be a countdown visible to show how many subscriptions remain for the “START BATTLE” Pool to be fully subscribed.

In the event that an Arena Tournament’s “START BATTLE” Pool is not fully subscribed by the set Tournament Start Time, TOTHEMOON will fill the remaining subscriptions so that the Tournament may be started and completed.

* If there is oversubscription to the “START BATTLE” pool prior to the subscriptions being closed/made unavailable (i.e multiple fighters subscribe at the same time and the total subscriptions needed for a tournament is past), Fighters will still receive their “START BATTLE” Rewards.

In the above event, the extra subscriptions will carry over to the next Arena’s Tournament. The total subscriptions needed for the “START BATTLE” Pool to be fully subscribed would be adjusted to reflect the previous tournaments oversubscription.

Subscription Cost = .11 GAS + tx fee

  • multiple subscriptions can be made under one tx fee
  • .11 GAS covers the invocation of the battle contract for 1 battle matchup in the Battle Arenas.

Subscription Rewards (Per Subscription)

TOTHEMOON would like to note that 100% of any “profit” made from these Fusion Battle Tournaments will go directly to Game Development.

Fusion Item Rewards Revealed

Fusions exist to help you on your quest to glory. Discovering each rare item is another catapult towards greatness that should not be taken lightly. The power is in the holder’s hands as The Fusions will unlock the following at each level:


A Journey to Fusion PVP

We will continue to develop Fusion Battle in its current stake-to-play form through advancing the Battle Logic, introducing various Battle Advantages, Fusion Items and more.

Development of Fusions will continue with the end goal of PVP on the moon.

Fuse a Rune and Cryptonaut NFT. Let’s Battle!


The time is set, the clock ticks and the countdown begins!

Best Regards,

-Mission Control

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