Hidden Arenas Open For Fusion Battle / Important Fusion Updates

The Hidden Arenas Fusion Battle Tournament Schedule:

The Hidden Arenas Fusion Battle Tournament Registration Schedule:

The First Fusion Battles:

Updated Tournament Registration Fees

Updated Round Rank GAS Rewards

Updated START BATTLE Subscription System

Subscription Cost = .11 GAS + tx fee

  • multiple subscriptions can be made under one tx fee
  • .11 GAS covers the invocation of the battle contract for 1 battle matchup in the Battle Arenas.

Subscription Rewards (Per Subscription)

Fusion Item Rewards Revealed

Fusions exist to help you on your quest to glory. Discovering each rare item is another catapult towards greatness that should not be taken lightly. The power is in the holder’s hands as The Fusions will unlock the following at each level:

A Journey to Fusion PVP

Fuse a Rune and Cryptonaut NFT. Let’s Battle!



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