Introducing TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE, a Metaverse

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Welcome to TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE- a place of true harmony and infinite potential — where a group of determined Cryptonauts once achieved their “life goals” by landing on the moon, only to realize, it was simply the beginning…

Upon arrival, the Cryptonauts were engulfed with a sense of accomplishment, yet a knowingness that more could be done. In this way, they began their journey of making the moon a place to call their own- a home.

After doing so, and becoming somewhat settled, a group of four brave and adventurous Cryptonauts volunteered to explore the “Dark Side of The Moon”- a place where no one dared to go. However, once they got there, they realized there was nothing dark about it at all…

Bursting with colour, this side of the moon was home to the Moon Babies and the Moon Creatures. It was full of life! Through their enlightening experience the Cryptonauts were finally able to see the true beauty of the universe.

They learned from the Moon Babies and Moon Creatures as their world went from black and white to illuminated. They were no longer devoid of colour, making TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE what it is today, a place of endless growth:

Since then, the Moon Babies have granted the four Cryptonauts the ability to return with a Moon Creature of their choice to the other side; however, in order to do so, they must gain the respect of the Creature. Once respect is attained, Cryptonauts become Moon Trainers.

To do this, a Cryptonaut must obtain enough Explore, Research and Community points. Each Moon Creature holds a varying amount of each type of point as well. The Cryptonauts must have an equal to, or greater amount of points than the Moon Creatures for each category.

The breakdown of the varying level of experience is as follows:

Explore Points: Allows the community to discover the unknown.

Research Points: Helps the community gain a more comprehensive understanding of the universe.

Community Points: Adds to the community to promote growth and sustainability.

Points are also added to one’s “Cryptonaut Points” by holding more Cryptonauts and Moon Trainers. The Points of each Cryptonaut and Moon Trainer in one’s wallet are added to their overall Cryptonaut Points, thus allowing the Cryptonauts to gain the Moon Creature’s respect.

This is in addition to one other requirement- At least one Cryptonaut or Moon Trainer must have a matching Personality Trait. For instance, if a Moon Creature has the traits of ambition and enthusiasm, a Cryptonaut or Moon Trainer in one’s wallet must have one of the same of their two traits. Currently, there are a total of 40 Personality Traits and some are rarer than others.

Moon Trainers offer high value to the community because they have higher Point Totals, as well as more traits to gain the respect of the Moon Creatures.

With each new Phase of The Moon, comes a new set of characters that are introduced into the universe. There are a total of 8 Phases of The Moon, with each phase introducing additional Cryptonauts that make it to the moon, new Moon Trainers, new/developed Moon Creatures, new extraterrestrial Moon Babies, and Special Assets. There are four generations to each Moon Creature, with each generation requiring more Explore, Research and Community points to gain the respect of. In order to gain a 2nd-4th Generation Creature’s respect, the Cryptonauts are required to gain the respect of each of the previous generations — while simultaneously obtaining enough Cryptonaut Points.

When the Moon Babies originally decided that the Cryptonauts were able to stay and govern half of the moon, thanks to their willingness to learn, the Moon Babies declared that they must abide by the Moon Code, which is as follows:

  1. Take Care of the Moon Creatures
  2. Explore the Moon
  3. Research the Moon
  4. Help Build the Community

The Cryptonauts had decided to manage their side of the moon by dividing it into different sections referred to as Moon Plots. These Moon Plots have different characteristics, and values, so the Cryptonauts divide them up as fairly as possible through an event called “The Colonization”. This generates cohesiveness among the smaller communities who must work together on the Moon Plots. The owner of each Moon Plot has the ability to send out invites and accept/decline requests to join their Moon Team. Each Moon Plot comes with 10 Available Wallet spots, and a separate Moon Base (housing for 10 additional community members and their wallets — once “active”). The Maximum Wallets on a Moon Team is 100. Thus, the maximum number of Moon Bases allowed on a Moon Plot is 9.

With the help of the Moon Creature’s and Moon Babies’ Points, referred to as “Moon Points”, the Cryptonauts are able to build and prosper on the Moon Plot much quicker. Therefore, the more community members each Moon Plot has, the more Moon Creatures the community is required to help, and the more Moon Points the community has at its disposal.

Only once a community member’s wallet is connected to an open Available Wallet spot (Moon Plot or Moon Base), may that member help the Moon Team build and prosper.

If a connected wallet has an equal to, or greater amount of Cryptonaut Points than a Moon Creature’s Moon Points for each category, as well as at least one matching personality trait — the Moon Points become “active” and are referred to as “Moon Team Points”. The same applies to the Moon Babies, except there is no requirement for a matching personality trait.

  • The now “active” Moon Points from each of the 3 Point Categories (Explore, Research, and Community) are added together to reach the total number of Moon Team Points.

The Cryptonauts build Moon Infrastructures on their Moon Plots; however, in order to do so, they need the necessary types/amount of Food/Special Food, Items, Equipment Build Points, and “active” Moon Team Points in their respective communities. In most cases there are also requirements set for certain Infrastructures to be built and “active” prior.

In abiding by the Moon Code, the Moon Teams must ensure the first Infrastructures to be built are the Greenhouses, Water Wells, and Creature Facilities. This is done to secure food, water, and proper housing for their Moon Creatures. If at any point there is not enough Required Items, Water, or Special Food in the community to keep the three Infrastructures fully operational, all Infrastructures built on the Moon Plot become “inactive”.

The Moon Infrastructures (built by the community) include;

Water Wells: The Wells are where community members retrieve fresh water for their Moon Creatures, Greenhouses, and themselves, without having to leave their Moon Plots. Water Jugs allow community members to carry and transport more water. Without water, nothing is able to live on the moon.

Greenhouses: These Greenhouses are where community members plant Moon Seeds that require a certain amount of water (measured in Litres), so that they can grow and produce. A specific amount of Water Jugs, Water Cans, and Moon Seeds/Special Moon Seeds are needed to ensure enough Food/Special Food is produced. Teams can grow a variety of Moon Berries for the Cryptonauts in the community, as well as Special Moon Berries and Special Moon Plants for the Moon Creatures. Having Greenhouses on the Moon Plot is essential for communities to grow and prosper on the moon, as they help provide the necessary Energy/Special Energy for the Cryptonauts/Moon Creatures.

Creature Facilities: Each Creature Facility requires 1 Greenhouse and Water Well to be built and “active” on the Moon Plot. This helps sustain Special Food and Water for the Moon Creatures.

Ex. Having 2 Creature Facilities “active” requires 2 Greenhouses and 2 Water Wells to be built and “active” on the Moon Plot.

The Moon Creatures in these facilities require a certain amount of Special Energy, which is obtained from gathering the Special Food found on the moon in Special Food Boxes. This includes the Special Moon Berries found in and around the Forests and the Special Moon Plants found outside the Caves — both of which can also be grown in Greenhouses. Although very rare, the Special Moon Fish caught in the Rivers using Fishing Rods, offer the highest amount of Special Energy. This Infrastructure also requires a certain amount of Litres of Water — which is retrieved from Water Wells in Water Jugs. This is done in order to keep the overall morale of the Moon Creatures in the facility “Positive”. If the morale is “Negative”, all the Infrastructures built on the Moon Plot become “inactive” until it becomes “Positive” again.

Moon Bases: Every Moon Base requires 1 Greenhouse, Water Well, and Creature Facility to be built and “active” on the Moon Plot. This helps sustain Food and Water for the growing community and ensures proper housing for the Cryptonaut’s Moon Creatures.

Ex. Having 3 Moon Bases “active” requires 3 Greenhouses, 3 Water Wells, and 3 Creature Facilities to be built and “active” on the Moon Plot.

The Cryptonauts in these Bases require a certain amount of Energy, which is obtained from gathering Food found on the moon in Food Boxes. They also need enough Water Jugs to ensure those taking up a spot have the necessary amount of Water. Each Moon Base provides housing for 10 additional members’ wallets on the Moon Plot.

  • Greenhouses, Water Wells, Creature Facilities, and Moon Bases Do Not Require Moon Team Points. They only require the necessary Items, Food/Special Food, and/or Equipment Build Points.

The following Moon Infrastructures allow Moon Teams to be rewarded with TTM Tokens when “active”. The rewards are distributed amongst the 100 Moon Plots based off of the Total Infrastructure Points each Moon Plot has during the “Application” time window (12 UTC-12:30 UTC). Any member can submit the required Application on behalf of their team. These tokens are awarded to community members based on the Moon Plots Owners choice of distribution.

Each Infrastructure has a set number of Infrastructure Points, which add to Team Reward Output when the Infrastructure is “active”.

The 3 Infrastructures listed below can be built for every 2 Moon Bases built and “active” on the Moon Plot. A maximum of 4 of each of the following can be built as a result of the requirement, and the fact that there are 100 “Maximum Wallets” allowed on a Moon Plot.

Mining Facilities: (5 Infrastructure Points)

These Mining Facilities need a certain amount of Lithium Moon Rocks that are found in the Mountains on the moon. These special rocks contribute to the Lithium requirements for the infrastructure to be “active”. They are gathered by Teams and transported back to their respective Mining Facilities in Mining Carts. Team Picking is also needed in order to keep the Infrastructure “active”. A certain number of Mining Carts and Mining Picks are needed in the community to transport enough Lithium Moon Rocks and work inside the facility.

Gas Stations: (5 Infrastructure Points)

Gas Stations need a certain amount of GAS — which is found in Caves on the moon, in order to keep the Infrastructure “active”. The GAS is put into Wheelbarrows using Shovels, and transported back to the structure. A certain number of Shovels and Wheelbarrows are needed in the community to gather and transport enough GAS.

Electricity Plants: (5 Infrastructure Points)

These Electricity Plants need a certain number of Electrical Mushrooms that are found in Craters on the moon. These special mushrooms contribute to the Watt requirements for the Infrastructure to be “active”. They are gathered by Teams and transported back to their respective Electricity Plants in Special Baskets. A certain number of Special Baskets are needed in the community to transport enough Electrical Mushrooms.

The following Infrastructures also allow Teams to be rewarded with TTM Tokens through the utilization of the Total Infrastructure Points for the Moon Plot, during the “Application” time window. In addition, they also offer another type of reward, which will prove to be indispensable.

Each Infrastructure requires 2–3 Mining Facilities, Gas Stations, and Electricity Plants to be built and “active” on the Moon Plot.

Observatories: (2 Infrastructure Points) requires 2 of each.

Observatories are where Teams receive clues about the universe by looking through a large telescope. Team members are rewarded with a chance of discovering coordinates to special Comet Drops on the moon. These Comet Drops bring the community new rare assets. An Observatory also increases the size of the community members’ maps.

Communication Towers: (2 Infrastructure Points) requires 2 of each.

Communication Towers are where Teams are able to increase their radius of communication on the moon, with other Moon Teams. These Communication Towers need a certain amount of Electrical Mushrooms to contribute to the Watt requirements in order to keep the Infrastructure “active”. This also requires the Team to have a certain number of Special Baskets within the community.

Gravity Zones: (5.5 Infrastructure Points)requires 3 of each.

Gravity Zones are where Teams train to increase their speed. Having increased speed allows community members to travel greater distances on the “Dark Side of The Moon” before their Oxygen Tanks deplete. Gravity Zones need a certain amount of GAS in order to keep the Infrastructure “active”, which also requires the Team to have a certain number of Shovels and Wheelbarrows within the community.

Research Labs: (6 Infrastructure Points) requires 3 of each.

Research Labs are where Teams perform moon research, in order to gain the knowledge required to travel to the “Dark Side of The Moon” and to view other Moon Teams’ Observatories. Research Labs need a certain amount of Moon Fossils to contribute to the History requirements for the Infrastructure to stay “active”. These are found underground just outside the Forests on the moon. They are dug up with Shovels, gathered by community members and transported back to their respective Research Labs using Special Gloves. These Moon Fossils need to be transported back to the Research Labs before they disintegrate. A certain number of Shovels and Special Gloves are needed within the community to transport enough Moon Fossils.

Oxygen Centers: (6.5 Infrastructure Points) requires 3 of each.

Oxygen Centers are where Teams train to increase the efficiency of their Oxygen Tanks. These Oxygen Tanks give the Cryptonauts the ability to travel to the “Dark Side of The Moon” for a certain duration and are required in order to do so. Oxygen Centers need a certain number of Moon Stones to contribute to the Magic requirements for the Infrastructure to stay “active”. The Raw Moon Stones which are found on the edges of the Craters, are refined into Moon Stones inside the Infrastructure. These Raw Moon Stones are gathered by community members and transported back to their respective Oxygen Centers in Special Bags. A certain number of Special Bags are needed in the community to transport enough Raw Moon Stones.

Each Moon Plot differs in size and has its own unique offering for its keepers. Some moon plots have a Crater, others have a Forest, Public Well, Cave, Mountain, Lake or River, while others that are more central are closer to the happenings of the moon in “The Village”. Considering this, Moon Plot Owners and their Moon Team decide the best possible plan for growth and expansion.

In time, the Cryptonauts have realized that they could greatly benefit from the help of the all-knowing Moon Babies, seeing as they are an invaluable member to any Moon Teams’ ability to prosper on their Moon Plot. However, it is not easy to convince a Moon Baby to help. Moon Babies set their point standards high — so the Cryptonauts must get their Cryptonaut Points up to a respectable level. Being Extraterrestrial, they do not seek a matching personality trait from the Cryptonauts.

Having a Moon Baby in the community is a major advantage. The rare Extraterrestrials from the Cryptonian Galaxy, not only add Explore, Research, and Community Points to the Moon Team Points, but they are able to increase the production of TTM Tokens for certain Moon Infrastructures by increasing its Infrastructure Points. They also give Moon Teams a significant advantage by lowering the workload required for keeping them “active”. The increase in production and lowered workload varies from a percentage of 3–5%, depending on the Moon Baby in the respective community. Moon Teams can only increase/decrease by a maximum of 20%.

TTM Tokens are highly sought after by the community as they are used to; help gather more assets at The Market, bet at The Races, repair/modify Moon Vehicles at the Repair Station, play Fun Mini Games at The Arcade, play Competitive Games at the Battle Station, purchase Ad Space at Moon Central, purchase Moon Tickets to attend entertaining concerts and events at Concert Hall, and further explore/enjoy the universe.

“The Village” (Public Infrastructures not owned by the community) on the moon includes;

The Market: The Market allows the community to purchase assets using TTM Tokens and meet up to trade with one another. This place serves as one of the main areas on the moon for community members to meet and interact.

Moon Central: This is the “downtown” core of the Moon Plots. Moon Central is conveniently located and the most vibrant and bustling area of the moon. This is where the community members come to socialize and let loose. Moon Plot Owners can submit advertisements to be approved and then showcased on electronic billboards for the entire community to see. A certain amount of TTM Tokens are required for each available Ad Space.

Concert Hall: The place where fun and entertaining concerts and events are held for the community. These special events are very popular and require Moon Tickets — purchased with TTM Tokens, for entrance.

The Races: This infrastructure allows the community to Race one another in their Moon Vehicle of choice, all while placing bets using TTM Tokens. Community members are able to Modify their Moon Vehicles with Special Parts at the Repair Station and use these Modified Vehicles exclusively at The Races. There are major racing events that take place, which require Moon Teams to qualify for.

Repair Station: The Repair Station is where the community Repairs and Modifies their Moon Vehicles using TTM Tokens. As vehicles are used at The Races, they require maintenance. Community members can add-on up to three different types of Special Parts to their Moon Vehicles. These modifications increase/decrease the Top Speed, Acceleration, and Control stats. Modified Vehicles can only be used at The Races.

The Arcade: This is where the community plays Fun Mini Games using TTM Tokens. The games award Special Items and TTM Tokens to its highest scorers.

Battle Station: The Battle Station allows the community to play Competitive Games using TTM Tokens. Moon Teams are keeping track of their records and competing in tournaments for Special Items and TTM Tokens.

Command Center: This location is privately owned and can only be entered at certain times by certain members of the community. In order to enter, the Cryptonauts are required to use a Special Access Card.

At the following Public Locations, community members are able to collect/gather the essential items required to keep the Infrastructures “active”. They may also be lucky enough to catch a Wild Moon Creature, find a Moon Tool or Special Item:

Forests: Forests are where some of the Food is found, which maintains a positive morale at the Creature Facilities and keeps community members fed in their Moon Bases. Just outside the forests, community members are also able to dig up the Moon Fossils required to keep the Research Labs “active”. Teams are able to remove forest areas on their Moon Plots using Axes in order to make space to build Moon Infrastructures. They are also able to plant various types of Moon Seeds/Special Moon Seeds to allow for more forest area to produce Food for the community. Although the Forests found on each Moon Plot are not owned by the Moon Teams — they are granted the right to remove areas or plant Moon Seeds as they see fit. The Moon Plot owner is in charge of delegating which team members are allowed to change the Moon Plots landscape.

Mountains: Mountains are where the Lithium Moon Rocks needed to keep the Mining Facilities “active”, are found.

Caves: Caves are where the GAS needed to keep the Gas Stations and Gravity Zones “active” is found. The Special Moon Plant, which provides one of the greatest sources of Special Energy for the Moon Creatures, can be found near the outer walls of the caves.

Craters: Craters are where the Electrical Mushrooms needed to keep the Electricity Plants and Communication Towers “active”, are found. Around the edges of these craters, community members can also find Raw Moon Stones which can be refined into Moon Stones inside the Oxygen Center. These MoonStones help keep the Oxygen Center “active”.

Lakes: Lakes feature some of the best fishing spots on the moon for Food to help feed the community. The Special Moon Berries can be found around the edges of the lakes.

Rivers: Rivers feature some of the best fishing spots on the moon for Special Food to help feed the community. The rare Special Moon Fish can be found here.

Public Wells: Wells are where community members retrieve water to Drink, give to their Moon Creatures, and water their Moon Seeds and Special Moon Plants.

Dark Side of the Moon: Not all community members can visit this area- only Moon Teams that have built the necessary Infrastructures and have the required Moon Team Points. Community members need to train/research at their respective Oxygen Centers, Gravity Zones, and Research Labs, while keeping them “active” in order to travel on this side of the moon successfully. By venturing to the “Dark Side of The Moon”, Moon Teams are rewarded with the opportunity to find Treasure Chests filled with TTM Tokens, Special Items, or Rare Moon Creatures, and accept Special Missions from the Moon Babies.

Both “The Village’’ and these Public Locations are created by the all-knowing Moon Babies from the Cryptonian Galaxy. They each serve a unique purpose on the moon, and are created as a gift to the Cryptonauts for abiding by the Moon Code.

The rest of the Moon consists of different terrain, streets, light posts, landmarks, etc. that are open to the Community to Research and Explore.

But as the four brave Cryptonauts have taught us, there is always more than meets the eye. The universe doesn’t end on the moon…


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