Introducing Resource Token Staking for Resource Deed NFTs

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The economy and functionality of all Moon Infrastructures is dependent on the in-game resources collected from the moon and their accompanied Resource Tokens.

These resources also have extremely rare NFTs representing them, which perform as boosters/buffs for staking, in-game activities and Infrastructure rewards. Resource NFTs have the lowest supplies for any Item NFTs in Cycle 1 on the moon and give their owners a significant advantage.

* Commencing in just a few months (December 30th), Resource Token holders will be able to stake their Resource Tokens on to earn Resource Deed NFTs.

What is a Resource Deed NFT?

Resource Deed NFTs are rewarded to users who stake their Resource Tokens for at least 30 consecutive days (every 30 days). These Deeds allow their owners to potentially mint a random Resource NFT.

There are 7 Tiers of Resource Deeds with each Tier being representative of a set number of Resource Tokens ($TGAS, $WATT, $LITH, $HIST and $MAG) staked in Staking Tier Pool (over the course of 30 consecutive days). Each of the 7 Resource Deed Tiers has a designated “Mint Chance” Attribute.

How and when can I mint a Resource NFT?

The mint process for a Resource NFT involves burning a Resource Deed NFT and utilizing its Mint Chance Attribute to determine the percentage chance of the mint (random resource NFT) being successful. Resource NFT Minting is set to begin Late Q4 2022.

What are the set number of Resource Tokens required for each of the 7 Staking Tiers? What is the Mint Chance Attribute for the Deed NFT Rewarded in each of these Tiers?

What happens if I stake a certain number of Resource Tokens into a designated Staking Tier Pool, but prior to the 30 consecutive days decide that I want to add to this total in order to achieve a higher Staking Tier/Deed NFT Tier?

You are able to remove tokens from any of the Staking Tier Pools you have created at any point. Your tokens will return to your wallet and any time (days consecutively staked) accumulated will be lost.

You may only then use those tokens with a new number of tokens and enter a higher Staking Tier to be rewarded with a higher Tier Deed NFT after every 30 consecutive days staked.

You can also add Resource Tokens to a separate Staking Tier Pool so that the time accumulated on your previous pool is not affected.

Can I sell or buy Resource Deed NFTs and where?

Yes, Resource Deed NFTs will be available to sell/buy (once listed) on the following NFT Markets;

Can I accumulate Resource Deed NFT mints over the course of several months of Resource Token Staking?

Yes. Every 30 consecutive days that Resource Tokens are staked in a Staking Tier Pool, a designated Deed NFT mint for that specific Tier becomes available. These rewards accumulate if they are not redeemed.

Overview of Resource Tokens

A few months have passed since our colony was first introduced to the 5 Resource Tokens that will represent the valuable and vital resources on the moon.

$TGAS = Special Black Sand
$WATT = Electric Mushrooms
$LITH = Lithium Moon Rocks
$HIST = Moon Fossils
$MAG = Moon Stones

Each of these 5 Resource Tokens will be required to build Moon Infrastructures successfully on the moon.

SPECIAL NOTE: Fusion Battle is currently the only way to get Resource Tokens (pending $TTM <> Resource Token pools on Forthewin Network). To learn more about Fusion NFTs & Fusion Battle please read the Game Doc (and accompanied Lore entries) below.

Fusion Battle Game Doc:

Current Announced Resource Token Use Cases:

  • Staking requirement for Moon Infrastructures such as Gas Stations, Gravity Zones, Electricity Plants, Communication Towers, Mining Facilities, Research Labs and Oxygen Centers in “The Colonization” Game
  • Enhance Operations
  • Swap for $TTM
  • Stake for Resource Deed NFTs (
  • Full article/Tokenomics: TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE — Metaverse and Resource Tokens

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