Moon Device — Local Farmer Strikes “Better than Gold”

3 min readOct 19, 2022


Oct 19, 2022. The day .135 thought would be run-of-the-mill. Up at dawn, eat the wife’s breakfast, water the crops, tend the creatures till sundown, and finally, prepare for the next day’s tasks. Only, this wasn’t how it all played out for our simple farmer.

“Things were already getting fishy the night before…” says .135

Apparently, he began noticing changes with the addition of his newest creature- a third 3rd Generation Lennox.

“I’m down by his den, brushing his mane. You know, letting the big guy know he’s welcome and all. Just how I cared for all my other Lennoxes of older gens, when I see a light come from all of them. The nine of them just turn the sky from night to day in a flash. My jaw- dropped.”

The Farmer then claims nothing else happened, till the next day when he got an unexpected visitor.

“So then there I am watering my Moon Plants when all of the sudden a baby comes in floating on his device thingamajig.”

Based on the description, we believe this to be FOMO on his Moon Device.

.135 then reports that the all-knowing Moon Baby congratulated him on attaining the synergy of three of three generations of Moon Creatures.

“I was still stuck on trying to figure out the word synergy, but then this cute tot went on about how through proving my ability to take care of the Moon Creatures and earning their (The Moon Babies) trust, the previous civilization has instructed them to reward me with a Moon Device. Well, I’ll be damned. A prize for doing what I love.”


For those of you that are unaware, the Moon Device is from the civilization before, which inhabited the moon. They are able to unlock the greatest opportunities of the universe and unleash endless possibilities.

This down-to-earth farmer hit the jackpot of all jackpots and is over-the-moon, “It’s better than hitting moon stone on the moon’s surface.” He claims.

Well, that’s one happy farmer.

2nd Moon Device Opportunity Requirements -

Hold any 3 sets of 3 Generations of a Moon Creature (1st, 2nd and 3rd) in your Neo N3 wallet. * 9 total Moon Creatures *

A snapshot date/time will be announced after the First Quarter Phase Mint (official mint date TBA shortly).

  • For each time the Opportunity Requirements are met, 1 unique Moon Device will be airdropped to your wallet.
  • Each wallet can qualify for a maximum of 3 Moon Devices per Moon Device event.

These Moon Devices will be used to unlock several different free mints of Special TTM NFT Collections that play a very important role in the future of TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. There may also be potential White List opportunities and additional surprises for owners of these rare devices.


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