“New Moon” NFT Launch Information

The first Moon Phase collection “New Moon” is expected to be available for mint in late Q4 2021. An official date & time will be announced closer to the launch. This is the first of eight Moon Phase collections in Cycle 1. Each Moon Phase will introduce new Character NFTs.

Character Categories & Mint Prices

The Character Categories and mint prices for the New Moon collection are as follows:

Cryptonaut — 10 GAS
Moon Creature — 10 GAS
Moon Trainer — 25 GAS
Moon Baby — 50 GAS

*N3 GAS only

Character NFT Supply

50 different Cryptonaut characters, 50 different Moon Creature characters, 4 different Moon Trainer characters, and 4 different Moon Baby characters will be available to mint for each Moon Phase.

Each Category is released with the following supply;

Cryptonaut — 100
Moon Creature — 150
Moon Trainer — 100
Moon Baby — 50

The total Character supply in each Moon Phase is as follows;

Cryptonaut — 5,000
Moon Creature — 7,500
Moon Trainer — 400
Moon Baby — 200

Total New Moon Character NFT supply: 13,100

60% of each Moon Phase’s Character NFT supply will be made available for mint. The remaining will be for game rewards, contests, raffles, and team members.

Each Category is released with the following mint supply;

Cryptonaut — 50
Moon Creature — 100
Moon Trainer — 50
Moon Baby — 25

The total Character mint supply in each Moon Phase is as follows;

Cryptonaut — 2,500
Moon Creature — 5,000
Moon Trainer — 200
Moon Baby — 100

Total New Moon Character NFT supply available for mint: 7,800

Minting Process

Collectors will be able to choose which Character Category to mint, in which they will receive a randomly generated Character NFT from the designated supply. The mint will be on a first come first serve basis. We will be sure to announce the official date & time of the mint event well in advance, and across our various community platforms.

To check the rarity of the various character attributes visit the tothemoon website.


For each Character NFT collected from the New Moon Phase, collectors will be rewarded with both Item NFTs and Token airdrops.

“The Market” on TOTHEMOON

The launch of “The Market’’ on TOTHEMOON will be in late Q4 2021, which is around the same time as the launch of the “New Moon” Character NFT Collection mint event.

“The Market’’ will initially allow for buying and selling TOTHEMOON NFTs, with the option for auctions and trading added shortly after.

There will be a unique reward system set in place to honor TOTHEMOON NFT collectors for completed transactions on “The Market”.

More information to follow.

Visit the tothemoon website

Follow TOTHEMOON Mission Control on Twitter @tothemoon_net

Hop on board the Space Stations & become a Cryptonaut: Discord/Telegram



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