2 min readJul 13, 2021

New Moon

1: (noun) The phase of pure alignment and new beginnings; however, appears as darkness to the human eye.

2: (noun) A representation of faith in what is to come, even though it is not yet visible.

July 13th, 2021. It is with great excitement that as a community, we embrace the dawn of our civilization and all that the future holds for TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. In this, we welcome the first phase: The Phase of the New Moon. Not long ago, four brave Cryptonauts landed on the moon and ventured to “The Dark Side’’ marrying the two halves, spawning a civilization greater than anyone could have imagined. This is a time to honour these events and the inevitable domino effect it will have on all our lives.

This first phase will bring about a variety of rich, dynamic characters. Included are Cryptonauts, First Generation Moon Creatures, Moon Trainers, and Moon Babies.

The 50 Cryptonauts are humans. They hail from planet earth and are on the moon to explore, work, learn and develop their surroundings. The 50 First Generation Moon Creatures are a group of beautiful, other-worldly animals that offer their own specific skill set. The four Moon Trainers are evolved Cryptonauts who have gained respect from the creatures and know how to care for them. And finally, the four Moon Babies are all knowing and extra-terrestrial. This small group is extremely rare and they set forth special missions for both Trainers and Cryptonauts.

A point of inception is also a time of great worry, but as a community we have a choice to make: peace or anxiety, bravery or fear? Control of the future is impossible, even in this extraordinary universe of ours, but we can decide to approach It with arms wide open, deciding on strength. This is only the beginning and what is in store for TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE far outweighs any amount of uncertainty.

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