TOTHEMOON Connects with Fellow Neo N3 Project- TranslateMe

October 29th, 2021. TOTHEMOON announces upcoming link with TranslateMe, an incentive-driven data collection protocol and network, working to forge the future of AI decentralized translation. This relationship will bring about great expansion and opportunity for the two teams.

The collaboration will consist of TOTHEMOON implementing TranslateMe’s translation services through its various community platforms. For TranslateMe, this is primarily a way to meet development goals and improve performance through testing its services and data collection. The connection is a major stepping stone towards TOTHEMOON’s aim of becoming a major global presence that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Along with TranslateMe offering translation services, collecting data to further machine translation capabilities, and forming a massive network, the platform also incentivizes its users. Those who contribute are rewarded with the TMN utility token. TranslateMe collects these contributions from bilingual users that detect mistakes made by the machine translation AI. TranslateMe has built a unique validation pipeline that automatically validates this data and pools it for improvement of the existing AI models. A service like this can be used to translate content through the web, platform and application.

TOTHEMOON is eager to get this collaboration underway, hence additions to community platforms can be seen as early as Q4 2021. Ultimately, this alliance marks the first step towards TOTHEMOON’s goal of creating multiple, rewarding partnerships with other Neo Ecosystem projects in 2022.

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