Waxing Crescent (Phase 2) Characters Mint — May 17th @ 5pm UTC

3 min readMay 10, 2022

We have moved on from the time of beginnings we could not see. We have grown, felt ourselves change and noticed a shift, even when our eyes told us there was no such thing. This was not an easy task and any progress of this period should not be overlooked. However, no matter how difficult it may be to recognize and accept a time’s place in the story, it still passes. Our patience has not failed us as we have reached our next phase, The Waxing Crescent- the first sign of illumination.

You will notice this phase brings about an air of positivity and faith, almost like the earth’s spring. These months often inspire action and opportunity as it’s a time to look ahead and begin moving to where you hope to be. Luckily, this movement is supported by luck and wealth as the moon at this phase is a symbol for the two.

This is the time to embark on the journey towards the destinations set in the previous phase. The New Moon was the aim, and the Waxing Crescent is the release. So, now, we begin with this phase’s Mint Launch.

For this launch we will only be using one mint button for all collections of the phase.

Mint Date / Time: Tuesday, May 17th @ 5pm UTC

Total Waxing Crescent NFT Mint Supply: 2800

  • 2500 Cryptonauts
  • 200 Moon Trainers
  • 100 Moon Babies

Mint Price: 15 GAS

* Available Wallets: NEON (Desktop), NeoLine (Desktop), O3 (Desktop), OneGate (Mobile)

Mint Link: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/collectibles

  • Waxing Crescent Characters Will Appear ~24 Hours before Mint.
  • Mint Button Will Appear @ 5pm UTC on Tuesday, May 17th

* Minters have a ~10% chance to mint either a Moon Trainer or Moon Baby

* A reminder to pay attention to the Origin Attributes of your Cryptonauts from both the 1st Phase (New Moon) + 2nd Phase (Waxing Crescent) so that you can be rewarded with Moon Device(s). Will You Have What It Takes?

* Collectors who hold Waxing Crescent Characters in their N3 Wallet during upcoming snapshots will receive TTM Tokens (4 separate airdrops) and TTM Items (Tools / Construction Vehicles) via airdrop.

Shortly after the mint has been completed the 2nd Generation Moon Creatures (~5,000) will be airdropped at a 1:1 ratio per 1st Generation Moon Creature held in a N3 Wallet. The Moon Creatures airdropped will be randomized. May you receive what you set out for!

The first speckles of green are pushing through the soil we patted down months ago- the same soil we continued to water even without any signs of life. The soil we kept warm on cold nights and illuminated on dark days. But, why would we do this? What’s the purpose if we see no change? Because we know- seeds turn to roots, roots turn to sprouts, and sprouts hold the possibility of an entire life-form.

Waxing Crescent Mint Week Giveaways

TOTHEMOON will tweet the Waxing Crescent Mint Teaser video everyday from May 11th — May 17th. * Turn on notifications *

To enter into the giveaways, interact with the tweets by doing the following:

✅ Follow @ tothemoon_net on twitter
✅ Like & RT Post
✅ Leave a Comment. Please @ 3 Friends & Include 2+ Hashtags

Winning Comments will be chosen after ~24 hours from the tweets/videos being posted. 🎁

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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