The Arrival — 3D Game Asset Concepts, 7 Day Giveaway & Community Poll

3 min readDec 9, 2021


The beauty of the moon has not faded with the passage of time…

In this stage, “The Arrival” we are experiencing something new every day, something extraordinary, something worth writing to earth about. The moon is nothing like you’ve seen before. I encourage the remaining earth-stationed Cryptonauts to take the leap and join us in this once in a lifetime experience.

The Arrival — an MP4 Journal

In case some of you don’t believe me and need to see it with your own eyes, I am sending a video that paints this incredible world. Though, as epic as it is, I feel the video does not do reality complete justice. But remember, with time and patience, you will experience this in the flesh, too.

Video Link:

7 Day Giveaway- A Gift from Mission Control

The above video can be found posted on twitter here: Day 4 Giveaway

Various posts, with the same video will be shared every 24 hours for 7 days (Thursday, December 9th-Wednesday, December 15th).

Each post will include the following instructions:

1. Follow @tothemoon_net

2. Like/RT the post

3. Leave a Comment. Within this comment please @ 2 recruits (friends) & include 3 hashtags.

* A winner will be selected every day from each of the 7 posts.

* The quality of comment will be considered.

* You can comment as many times as you’d like on each post, as long as different twitter accounts are tagged in the comment.

NFT prizes for the “7 Day Giveaway” (according to date):

  • Thursday, December 9th: 1 Cryptonaut (.012)
  • Friday, December 10th: 1 Moon Creature (Wynter)
  • Saturday, December 11th: 1 Cryptonaut (.016)
  • Sunday, December 12th: 1 Moon Creature (Fulton)
  • Monday, December 13th: 1 Cryptonaut (.029)
  • Tuesday, December 14th: 1 Moon Creature (Bromley)
  • Wednesday, December 15th: 1 Moon Trainer (GIN)

* Winners will be announced 24hours after each post, on our twitter and in our Discord Space Station.

* To be sure that all giveaway posts and important announcements regarding launch go unmissed, follow us on twitter @tothemoon_net & turn on twitter notifications by clicking the bell icon:

Community Poll — Official Mint Times

Being part of Mission Control (a collective of former- Cryptonauts originally from various parts of planet earth), we understand the challenges that come with time differences. To ensure fairness in selecting a final mint time for all four “New Moon” Character Collection Mint Dates, we have created a community poll to grant you the final say.

With 5 times/ options to choose from, below is the community poll (originally posted on Monday, December 6th).


The poll will run until Saturday, December 11th @ 10pm UTC.

The official time, as well as other important information pertaining to Launch, will be released the following week in another message.

AMA & Mint Week Reminder

Be sure to join the Discord Space Station and be available on December 15th @ 5pm UTC for an AMA with multiple prizes to be won.


The team at Mission Control looks forward to catching up!

In case you missed it, here is the full schedule of TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE Mint Week, which runs from December 13th — 19th.

Mint Character NFTs from the 4 Character Collections; Dec 16th — Moon Baby, Dec 17th — Moon Trainer, Dec 18th — Cryptonaut, Dec 19th — Moon Creature

Thank you to our Cryptonauts for your continued support across all socials and community chats!

A new universe awaits…

Signing off,

See you all on the moon.

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