The Market on TOTHEMOON & Official “New Moon” NFT Launch

5 min readDec 15, 2021


Looking back on my mostly conventional, ordinary life up until this point, I struggle to believe that I could belong to something so remarkable…This civilization we’ve created, in just a matter of months…it’s morphed into something you would only see on a movie set or amusement park. It’s enormity, it’s comprehensiveness…this utopian (for lack of a better word) society…can’t be compared to anything on the old planet. Maybe some sort of over- idealized, decently-functioning Nordic city- if I had to describe it in earthly terms, but that would be the world’s greatest understatement. I diverge. Nevertheless, The Market is officially open! It is a monumental day for us here on the moon.


Have a look. Leave no stone unturned as each offering is equal parts useful as it is fascinating.

A few important orders of business before then-

Wallet Connection & Required Cryptocurrency for Transactions

In the top right-hand corner, you will see a tab to connect your Neo Line or O3 Wallet. These are the 2 compatible wallet options to start, with others being added shortly.

Neo Line: (recommended due to extensive testing on testnent)

O3 Wallet:

* Important Note: Only desktop compatibility available for all 4 New Moon Collections Mints and secondary market transactions. Mobile compatibility to be added shortly after.

Be sure to have N3 GAS in your compatible Neo wallet for December 16th — 19th, when the 4 New Moon Character Collections become available for minting.

* Important Note: Please ensure that you have the correct version of GAS; N3 is the new version. Please keep in mind that N3 addresses start with an “N” and NEO Legacy addresses with an “A”.

Here is a guide on How to Migrate or Buy N3 GAS.

Market Pages & Official Mint Times

On the left-side panel of The Market you will find 4 different pages that currently make up The Market;

1. The Market: Buy, Sell, Auction & Trade TOTHEMOON Character and Item NFTs.

  • Marketplace: TTM Character NFTs
  • Moonporium: TTM Item NFTs (will be added in the next update pushed shortly after article release)

* The Market will be opened for secondary transactions shortly after each of the New Moon Character Collections are fully minted, and then closed during Collection mints.

2. Collectibles: Mint & collect Character NFTs from the 4 available New Moon Character Collections.

Below are the Official Mint Dates/Times:

  • December 16th @ 8pm UTC — Moon Baby (100 Mint Supply)
  • December 17th @ 8pm UTC — Moon Trainer (200 Mint Supply)
  • December 18th @ 8pm UTC — Cryptonaut (2,500 Mint Supply)
  • December 19th @ 8pm UTC — Moon Creature (5,000 Mint Supply)

* We advise you to be available for the second each of the Collections go live for minting @ 8pm UTC, as the mints will be handled on a “First Come, First Served” basis. A randomly generated character from the selected category will be minted and shown immediately in your wallet on the My Collections page.

* Be sure to have a little extra GAS in your wallet to cover fees associated with minting. Fees will be around .35 GAS (0.2 N3 Oracle fee included) for each character minted.

* When minting/collecting characters, we recommend paying close attention to matching Personality Traits between your Moon Trainers/Cryptonauts and your Moon Creatures. Having matching personality traits is a major key to success and maximizes rewards in the eventual, “The Colonization” Staking Game.

In The Colonization Staking Game, a matching trait is one of the requirements to gain a Moon Creature’s respect. The other is having equal to (or greater) point totals in each points category (Explore, Research & Community), in your wallet. Only once a Moon Creature’s respect has been earned can their points be utilized.

* Each character collected from the New Moon phase will reward collectors with both Item NFTs and TTM Tokens.

To learn more about the project and how the characters are utilized in the Metaverse, please read:

3. My Collection: Connect your Neo Line or O3 Wallet to view your Moon Squad and sort through your TOTHEMOON Collectibles (Character & Item NFTs).

4. Operations: View/Manage your transactions that are in progress and recently completed in The Market on TOTHEMOON. (will be available shortly)

Reward System, Market Fee, Exclusivity

A reward system will be implemented in Early Q1 2022 to reward collectors for completed transactions in The Market on TOTHEMOON. More information will be released shortly.

There will be a 2% market fee for each completed buy, sell, and auction transaction that takes place in The Market. This market fee will go towards game development and ensuring a circulating Game Rewards Pool is in order.

  • TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE NFTs will be available exclusively on The Market on TOTHEMOON.
  • TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE NFTs are minted utilizing IPFS as opposed to being publicly hosted, which means that our NFTs are immutable and decentralized.

Extra Airdrop, AMA & Updates

Those who are eligible for the Extra Item NFT airdrop mentioned previously (related to Neoverse) will get them as soon as possible. Not to worry they are on their way and will be in your wallets shortly. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

* A reminder to join us in our Discord Space Station today Wednesday December 15th @ 5PM UTC for The Arrival AMA. *NFT Prizes to be won*

You don’t want to miss this!

Please be sure to also Follow us on Twitter (turn on notifications) to stay informed on the latest announcements & news.

Lastly, be sure to have a look at the new updates on our website:

I can hardly wait for you all to see what has been created and The Market is just the tip of the meteorite…

Some find meaning in the mundane, some are happy with the mediocre. But do they, are they genuinely? Or are they just playing through the motions, avoiding any deeper thought about the underwhelming reality of it all? Is it but a mere front?…. I’m not sure, but I do know- I always longed to be a part of something greater than me. It’s in my nature. I want to contribute, I need to contribute. I have so much to give…as I know each and every one of you do too.

Write to you soon,

Just a former, simple, earthling…




TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE NFT collectors will engage with our Metaverse and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience. This is a new-age society..